Word of Zuby


'Word of Zuby' is my most personal and provocative album to date - inspired by everything going on in the world and our modern society. Culture, politics, religion... I cover a lot on this album and it's likely that some will consider it 'controversial'. Listen and enjoy with an open mind. - Zuby


  1. Real
  2. Devil May Cry
  3. Moments (feat. YONAS)
  4. OK Dude
  5. Legacy (feat. Stephen Smitley & Eric July)
  6. Underrated (feat. Mac Lethal & Shao Dow)
  7. Hallelujah (feat. Bryson Gray)
  8. Live It Up (feat. Reverie)
  9. Breathe
  10. No Lamborghini (feat. Tyrone & Warbz)
  11. Anarchy (feat. An0maly)
  12. Marvelous (feat. Ruslan)
  13. Only a Man

Download: High quality 320kbps mp3

CD Digipak: 6 panel digipak with original artwork by MVDEX

Limited Edition Purple & Gold Double Vinyl: 

  • 2 x 12" vinyl album in gatefold jacket, with original artwork by MVDEX
  • Special edition purple & gold vinyl discs
  • Only 300 will be made.

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