Commercial Underground 2

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Commercial Underground 2 is Zuby's third full-length album. It was inspired by the mind-state and hunger of his first album Commercial Underground. This album features some of Zuby's best known singles such as 'Comin' At Ya', 'Stay In My Lane' and 'Look At Me Now'.

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  1. Introspection
  2. Return Of The Bad Man
  3. Stay In My Lane (Ft. Marka)
  4. Billie Jean 2012
  5. Comin' At Ya
  6. Go Hard Or Go Home
  7. Look At Me Now
  8. All Or Nothing (Ft. Scarz, Genesis Elijah & Sir Mic)
  9. A Woman Like You
  10. Chilll!
  11. Actin' Up (Ft. ShaoDow)
  12. Down
  13. When I Get There
  14. Go Hard Or Go Home - Remix (Ft. A.C. & Genesis Elijah)
  15. Stay In My Lane - BC Remix (Ft. Marka)
  16. Thank You
  17. The Movement
  18. Steppin 2 Me
  19. Lyrical Driveby Pt.2